Production News: Pilot Updates with Insight Hospital in Chicago

Since June of this year, Mirador Health has partnered with Insight Hospital in downtown Chicago to pilot Generation 1 (G1) of the Mirador hand sanitization tracking system.

Our hand sanitization system deploys smart Mirador Guardian TM dispensers that are designed to passively capture individuals’ hand sanitization practices via BLE tags that adhere to existing staff badges, ensuring visibility into organic habits and trends. The data collected is transmitted to the cloud and aggregated within the Mirador application.

Mirador and Insight mutually developed the scope of the pilot, implementation plan and duration of pilot.


The Executive IT team at Insight were eager to learn the natural behaviors of clinicians and to document hand sanitations. The primary goal was to capture a digital record of physicians’ habits of hand sanitization, increase hand sanitization compliance rates and ultimately reduce the potential of hospital acquired infections.


We completed several walkthroughs to determine project size and placement. Both the ICU and AM Surg departments were chosen, which provided maximum use-case visibility within an appropriate pilot scale.

The Mirador team, alongside Insight’s Environmental Services team, placed and mounted Mirador Guardian TM dispensers on the two floors. Dispensers were connected to the Wi-Fi network, users were assigned, tags distributed, and then the initial test for “individual sanitization event data” began.

Proactive Management

Once the dispensers were online, the Mirador application provided real-time updates of sanitization events as well as the status of each dispenser’s battery and liquid level. This data provided immediate visibility to the Facilities team, and proactive measures insured that dispensers were kept in an optimal state.

Current Status

G1 dispensers have captured data demonstrating daily hand hygiene as well as missed opportunities, and the initial 8 weeks of physician hand sanitation event data captured successfully established our proof of concept.

The pilot has now been expanded to nursing teams and we will continue to organically capture sanitization events within a broader departmental scope. We are excited to learn what this next phase will bring!

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