Intelligent Hand Sanitization

Modern Intelligent Hand Hygiene Solutions for Safer Healthcare

Smart Dispensers Stop Infections

Mirador Health's advanced hand sanitizer dispenser reduces the risk of infection. With real-time data access, administrators can generate hygiene reports, effectively lowering healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) by up to 70%.

Problems We Solve

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are common, complex, and on the rise. They result in significant setbacks in patients' recovery processes, increase costs due to longer hospital stays, and can even lead to loss of life.



  • Costs the lives of 100K+patients per year
  • 1 in 31 patients get HAIs
  • Elderly patients are more sensitive to HAIs


  • Hand hygiene compliance averages only 50% nationally
  • Current protocols lack effective tracking and management
  • HAIs Increase hospital stays by an average of9 Days


  • HAIs cost $28B to $48B annually
  • Each HAI case adds an average of $15,000 per bed to hospital costs
  • The lowest performing 25% in preventing HAIs face penalties from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
Mirador Health

Raising the Bar on Hand Hygiene Solutions

The Problem: Traditional methods of monitoring hand hygiene compliance, like secret shoppers, are time-consuming and unreliable. This lack of accurate data makes it difficult for hospitals to identify areas for improvement and ultimately reduce HAIs (hospital-acquired infections).

The Gold Standard Solution: The Joint Commission recognizes the importance of effective monitoring and recommends automated hand hygiene systems as the best practice.

Introducing Mirador Health: We offer a comprehensive solution with smart dispensers called Mirador Guardian™. These innovative dispensers record every hand hygiene event, including the location, date, time, and caregiver involved.

Actionable Data for Better Outcomes: Through hand hygiene monitoring, hospitals gain real-time insights and see exactly where compliance is lacking and focus their efforts on improvement strategies. This ultimately leads to a safer environment for patients and reduced costs for healthcare facilities.

Through intelligent hand sanitization, we drive corrective action by utilizing accurate data, reducing

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) through ongoing education and implementing proper patient safety interventions


Dispense & Sanitize

  • Capture all hand hygiene events and explore opportunities for behavior change
  • Mirador GuardianTM dispensers report data without disruption in clinical workflow
  • It Save time and resources by eliminating the manual process and secret shoppers
  • Monitor liquid level and battery level management

Technology & Reporting

  • Track all dispensing events by specific person, time, and location
  • Aggregated data is immediately available, supporting a 100% compliance goal
  • Customizable dashboards drill down to individual or group level
  • Real time insights for managing department resources

Markets We Serve


Hospitals & Health Systems

  • Significantly reduce HAIs
  • Improves or eliminates HAC scores
  • Reduces or eliminates CMS financial penalties/litigation expenses

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

  • Create a competitive edge
  • Supports implementation of infection prevention products
  • Reduces litigation expense

Post-Acute Care Facilities

  • Affordable strategies to address HAIs
  • Supports protocol adoption
  • Reduces transfer to acute care and cost associated

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Financial Impact of HAIs

  • Healthcare-acquired Infections and Financial Impact to Healthcare Organizations.

Company Overview

  • Mirador Health was launched to address the complex problem of reducing hospital- acquired infections.

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