Hand Hygiene Solutions

Intelligent Compliance

An Innovative Approach to Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and Increase Patient Safety by Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance

Smart Hygiene Products

Robust monitoring functionality using best in class technology with Bluetooth Low Energy and Amazon Web Services

Integrated Technologies

Mirador GuardianTM dispensers & software monitor and capture a snapshot of hand hygiene events for safety protocols

Compliance Monitoring

Provides robust reporting with proactive alerts to help increase workforce hygiene utilization

Mirador Technology Platform

Understand the who, what, where, and when to take proper corrective action when needed.

Real time bi-directional data is collected, encrypted, and forwarded to a cloud for collection and reporting.


The Mirador GuardianTM smart hand hygiene dispenser is the automated nerve center for the Mirador platform.

Simple onboarding technology connects with other Mirador devices

Tracks a dispensing event by person, place, time, and department, increasing safety protocols

Monitors battery and liquid levels, providing a sense of security that devices are fully operational

Bluetooth-Based Tags

Easily-associated BLE badges that can be added to any existing healthcare ID

Recognizes a person's proximity in patient room or other common areas


Fully customizable reports with the ability to track performance by individual, department, hospital, or healthcare system. Drive meaningful intervention conversations that can reduce HAIs and increase patient safety.

Administrative Reports

Event Reports

Missed Opportunities

Equipment Reports

Liquid Levels

Battery Levels

Inventory Management


Customizable, user-friendly dashboards gather actionable data on:

Device Management

Hand hygiene workflow behaviors

Where improvements are needed at each level

- Individual (or Anonymous)
- Team
- Department
- Healthcare System

Accurate data helps improve polices that can reduce the financial burdens associated with HAIs.

Intelligent Hand Sanitization

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